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KI' Mexico

The most original and amazing tacos that you can taste, crafted beautifully with love. You won't taste anything like our tacos and food!.

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3839 Gilbert Dr.

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(318) 861 -5941

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Tacos ( No Substitutions)

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301. Silvestre Taco


Sauteed potatoes and mushrooms mixed with corn and kale, on corn tortilla with queso fresco and avocado. Diablo or India salsa. Vegan option available.

302. Nopal Taco


Tender cactus sauteed with onion and oregano, topped with queso fresco, pico de gallo and avocado on a corn tortilla. Vegan option available.

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303. Cochinita Taco


Slow roasted Mahaffey Farms pork marinated in spices, orange and achiote, cooked in banana leaf on corn tortilla, with cheese, cilantro and onions, spicy Yucatan salsa or mild pickled onions.

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304. Poblano Taco


Chicken mixed with poblano peppers, mushrooms and corn, cooked with a creamy sauce on a flour tortilla, with cheese, cilantro, onions and Diablo salsa.

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305. Biste Taco


Thin sliced steak, chorizo and green onions, mixed with our salsa Diablo, on either corn or flour tortilla, with cheese, cilantro and onions, Jade, Diablo, or India salsa.

306. Chiquitibum Taco


On a corn tortilla the Biste (steak, chorizo and green onions) with cactus and avocado on top, cheese, cilantro and onions, Jade, Diablo, or India salsa.

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307. Taco de Camaron


Shrimp marinated in chipotle, on a corn tortilla with chipotle citrus mayo, mixed greens and pickled vegetables.

308. Pescado borracho Taco


Tequila, cerveza, and cilantro marinated Grilled Stripped bass taco topped with cabbage, citrus, cucumber and cilantro relish, michelada sauce and ocean mixed green.

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309. Gringa Taco


Pork marinated in ancho and guajillo peppers, wrapped in a cheese crust on a flour tortilla with cilantro and onions Jade, Diablo, or India salsa. Make it a Tofu Gringa for no additional charge.

310. Quesadilla De Hongos


Artemis Mushrooms medley cooked with garlic and epazote with Jarlsberg Cheese Blend and Morita Pepper Sauce on top.

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Mon - Sun10:00am - 3:00pm

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